You'll be shooting like it's the Wild West!



A powerful gun that can One-shot most zombies with a headshot, a straight upgrade from the M1911. It is best used at close ranges but it can also get the job done at medium ranges too.


  • You can kill Normal Zombie and Bloodsucker instantly with a headshot.
  • Combo this with low damaging automatics like the AK-47, M16A1 and M4 to conserve ammo as much as possible.
  • Combo with a shotgun or a sniper like the M1887 or the AWP to deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Engaging zombies with this weapon in a mid-long range isn't a good idea due to the weapon's ammo.


  • This is the second revolver in the game.
    • With the first being the Revolver itself.
  • This gun was the gun with the lowest ammo count before 1.05.
    • The gun with the lowest ammo count is the Shokw8vR.
  • This gun has a similar performance to the Desert Eagle, but it's overall worse.