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The AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) is a high damage bolt-action sniper rifle in the game. It comes with a scope and has a low firerate along with a slow reloading time.  


Ever since its debut in the late 20th century, this popular weapon has been a must-have in long range combat situations. It is thought that the legendary manufacturer, "Nooby", made this gun more powerful and suitable for surviving the apocalypse.


  • It's not recommended to use this gun without ADSing.
  • The weapon is not good for crowd control becuase of it's low firerate.
    • Becuase of that, it is recommended to play on open and large maps, such as Luton Parkway.
  • 1st person is recommended with this gun.
    • If you ADS while on 3rd person, you will be forced into 1st person, experiencing ADS offset.
  • The reload time is almost the same as the RPK, so use a reliable secondary like the Glock 18, or Desert Eagle because you might need to pull it out and spam it if you need to reload.
  • Don't use this weapon to kill a Riot if you have a powerful secondary like the Desert Eagle, becuase you can kill the riot faster with that secondary.
    • You can snipe a Riot Zombie if you are far away, though your shots maybe can be blocked by the shield.
  • There is no need to headshot a Bloodsucker, if they haven't got health from damaging players.


  • This is the only sniper rifle in the game, however, since the others are sniper-like weapons.
    • The M1 Garand has sniper-like abilities but it is a battle rifle.
    • The CBC 55 also has sniper-like abilities but it is an air gun.
  • The AWP is the first bolt-action sniper rifle to be added into the game.
  • The gun doesn't have a reloading sound and the magazine isn't animated in the beta version.
    • The only part that moves is the bolt, which only moves when firing.
  • This gun got new animations, sounds and a new model in update 1.10.



Reloading the AWP (BETA).


The current scope of the AWP.


Current reload animation of the AWP.


Current firing animation of the AWP.

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