This gun is the machine have capable of destroying everyone with headshot. It is called "The Father of Headshot Killer".

—- voong_way


The AK-47 stands for "Automatic Kalashnikov of the year 1947"


  • Aim for the head to deal high amounts of damage.
    • And to also conserve your ammo.
  • Keep in mind that you only need few shots to kill certain zombies like the bloodsuckers .


  • This weapon is less accurate than the M16A1 and the M4 but it deals more damage.
  • This weapon was one of the first weapons added to dread.
    • Which got it ingame store picture and appearance changed.
  • This weapon has a similar appearance to the RPK.
    • That even someone inserted the wrong picture of the RPK thinking it was the AK-47 while editing this page.
  • There is a tip ingame that explains the name of the weapon, and what it stands for.
    • Which is shown in the Overview.