A zombie that is able to gain it's health back from damaging survivors with its bare hands at a surprising amount of speed, however, these bloodsuckers do have low health so it's best to keep a distance away from them in order to eliminate these pesky things.


  • Attack (Left Mouse Button): The Bloodsucker zombie mauls their enemies (Deals 10 DMG) and heals itself the same amount.



  • Glock 18 and Desert Eagle are good secondary choices kill the Bloodsuckers quickly due to its low health.
  • All automatic weapons will do a great job at killing this zombie since they are easy to aim with and deal a fair amount of damage.
  • Try to go on a stacked object where the Bloodsuckers can't reach, they have low jump power due to their height and way of movement.
  • Shotguns can easily one shot the Bloodsucker.
  • The AWP can one-shot Bloodsuckers, without the need to aim for the head.
    • But it's still hard to aim due to Bloodsuckers high movement speed.
  • Avoid using the Minigun against this zombie, the wrapup time can give Bloodsuckers a good chance to close up the distance and kill you.


  • It's best if you use the 2x Speed Block for Bloodsucker if you're in Arcade.
  • It's hard to get headshots from the back, use this to your advantage.
  • You can attack newbies & low ranked players to gain health and go for harder targets.
  • You are a fast runner, so if a survivor is blocking a path or guarding a doorway, you can always just take alternative paths to sneak up behind him without wasting much time.
  • You have low health, use friendly Riot Zombies to take cover and push survivors without getting shot.
  • Use other zombies as a distraction to close up the distance between you and a survivor.


  • The 1st zombie to always be running.
    • This is the 2nd zombie to run, with the 1st being the Riot Zombie
    • To add on, this is the 1st zombie that has a different walk/run then the rest of them.