The CBC 55 is a pellet gun.

This is a gun meant for medium ranges, less ranged M1 Garand with one shot instead of 8 and a much lower fire rate.


The poor survivors needed a gun cheap enough for medium ranges. The range of the Double-barreled Shotgun is too close for their comfort.

So a gun manufacturer made and distributed this. 6 chances to kill a zombie. At least it's silent, but who cares? The zombies will find you no matter what!


  • Try to avoid using it at close range because it is much more effective at medium ranges.
    • If you find you are using it at close range you might want to consider switching to the Double-barreled Shotgun.
    • The gun itself does not have a scope unlike the AWP, which makes it harder to aim at long range.
  • You don't have much ammo for this gun, so aim for the head to conserve ammo.
  • Don't even think about buying this, it's a waste of $2,000, unless you are collecting all of the weapons.
  • Do not use it on cramped and small maps like Bread Corp and Heavy Decay as they will have crowds of zombies that you can't kill fast enough with the CBC 55.
  • Try not to take on Riot Zombies with the CBC 55. Use your secondary instead.
  • Arguably, this is the worst gun in Dread. It is better to save for another gun or use your default Double-barreled Shotgun.
  • This gun has one of the best spread when hip-firing or not ADS'd.
    • Don't ADS. The CBC 55 has a bad sight.


  • This is the second sniper-like gun in the game, with the first being the M1 Garand
    • Keep in mind that this gun is not a sniper rifle, as it hardly used at long ranges
    • The gun itself doesn't have a sniper scope    
  • It is very similar to the Remington 700 from Reason 2 Die Awakening before it was buffed.
  • It is the cheapest gun that can be bought on Dread.
  • This is the 1st silent gun on Dread.
  • This is the second break open gun added to Dread.
    • The first being the Double-Barrel Shotgun.
    • It is however, the first break open rifle.
  • The CBC 55's reload and firing can be seen here in 1st person, and here in 3rd person.
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