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The CZ-99 is a cheap and reliable semi-automatic handgun with faster firerate than the M1911. It has decent accuracy and recoil.



  • The damage is low, so aiming for the head is very helpful.
  • The accuracy of this gun isn't very good, so use this gun in close combat is very recommended.
  • This gun is a good choice to use if your primary runs out of ammo.
    • Just swap to this gun and shoot the zombies targeting you.
    • There is no need to ADS upclose, which makes this gun good for panic attacks.
  • This gun is very similar to the Glock 18.
    • The Glock 18 has more ammo in a magazine and a higher firerate, but does less damage.


  • One of the four handguns that were added into the game upon the release of the game.
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