Looks like we're back to this Old Favorite Town again.



A small abandoned town located near the coast.

This is a small town with a hospital in the middle, you can go through many buildings, there is also a small supermarket that you can access.

The bridge has been blocked by a VR (Campervan).


This town was once called "Ghost Town" due to the zombie apocalypse and people abandoning the town, leaving nothing behind. After several years, some survivors came across this abandoned town and decided to rebuild it with all of their supplies and materials. After two month of this, they were finally done building this town and renamed from "Ghost Town" to "Coastline" due to it being near to the Coast. And once again, the zombie apocalypse begins along with new people and the new crews that are staying in this small town, and the question is, Will they survive?


  • Camping on top of the gray building, the cross bridge or inside the blue apartment building is a great way to survive.
    • A.I. zombies may not be able to reach you, but player zombies can.
  • Using a long range weapon like the M1 Garand or the AWP is recommended due to the open space, or when camping on top of a building.


  • The glass on each building is breakable, but most of the buildings can't be accessed.
    • ALIENS!!
  • Inside the blue apartment building, BakonBot's hat can be found on top of a table, with a newspaper next to it.
    • A picture of Dan_Minery can be found in a cupboard, while a picture of the map Dead Lands can be seen on the wall.