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Dead Lands is was the first map added to Dread's beta.

The map contains a lighthouse, a building, some construction, a dock, and a wooden platform.


Traveling from a boat to this island, the survivors hoped for salvation or signs of life.

They didn't find anything, but they did find someone ready to eat them alive.


  • Stick with your team to make your chance of survival higher.
  • Get to higher ground to take out enemies easier.
  • You can make a quick jump from the wooden platform to the lighthouse easily by sprinting.
    • Zombies have to go around as they cannot make the jump, making this an effective way of escaping the undead.


  • The first "real" map added to Dread.
  • The map was slightly changed in 1.0.0 to fit the game better.
    • However, there is a new version of this map in progress currently.
  • This map is set Brazil.
  • A reword is in the making by mattgrant and Nariox.
  • Did you know "mattgrant" has Remastered Dead Lands to the one that we know Dead Lands Remastered