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Because every game needs a default map for propaganda!



An island in the middle of no-where with beautiful trees, Dead Land Remastered is one of the maps with lots of beautiful plants and nature.




  • You can climb the rope to get to the warehouse since using the ladder and then jumping on the tree is not the only way to get up.
  • The lighthouse area is a good place to hold out and kill hoards of zombies in the Outbreak gamemode.
  • AI zombies can't reach the players if they get on top of a tree, use this to your advantage.
  • AI zombies can't climb the rope, or the ladder to the warehouse, so you are safe from all the zombies below as long as you take care of the ones nearby.
  • Avoid staying in the middle part of the map, as for some reason, AI zombies attempt to keep jumping in that part, making them harder to hit.
  • Bringing a shotgun like the SPAS-12 and the M1887 are good choices to bring for this map due to the small space.
  • Bringing a long ranged weapon like the M1 Garand and the AWP are good choices if you try camping on top of trees in Co-op.
    • This allows you to shoot (mostly) any zombies at their spawns without them fighting back.


  • This map gets its own version in Christmas Event 2018!
    • In the Christmas version, there is no tall grass, the leaves color turns into a white, and everything is covered in snow.
    • Snow is also falling, while the water is frozen. Touching the ice will still kill you, however.
  • Avoid falling into the water as both zombies and survivors will die upon touch.
    • Some AI zombies can drop into the water attempting to reach players in certain parts of the map.
  • This map can lag badly. Play with caution.