This powerhouse of a handgun can kill both zombies and survivors with a headshot.



The Desert Eagle is a powerful handgun with high damage and recoil. It has a small ammo capacity and a very decent accuracy.


  • Aim for the head to one shot bloodsuckers and zombies and survivors.
  • Conserve your ammo, this is a life saver.
  • This gun is semi-usable at range.
    • You can still one shot headshot zombies from long-mid ranges.
    • But don't waste all your ammo trying to pick zombies on long range.


  • One of the four handguns that were added upon the release of the game.
  • This gun can be seen in most of game's thumbnails, fanarts and pictures.
  • This is the second secondary weapon that can one shot on headshot.
    • With the first being the Revolver.
      • Keep in mind that the Revolver no longer exists.