Double the barrels, double the fun!



Double-barreled shotgun, also known as DB Shotgun is a shotgun that has two barrels, as the name says.


When the legendary manufacturer "Nooby" wanted to create a new gun, he decided to investigate what was missing from the community's heart.

It turned out to be a hard-hitting, 2 shot firing shotgun. Recoil was massive but the blowback that you see from your enemies was worth it.


  • Use this weapon at close ranges and in maps like Crystal Caverns, as it can result in an instant kill.
    • Aim down sights to go for midranges.
  • This shotgun fires both of its shots in less than a second, allowing it to deal a high amount of damage in a short period of time.
    • Use this as an advantage to kill high HP zombies like the Riot zombies at an instant.
  • Aim for the head as it deals a massive amount of damage.


  • "Double-barrel jumping" used to be a feature of this weapon but has since changed.
    • This allowed you to jump much higher than you are allowed by shooting at the floor.
    • Shooting sideways in midair also allow you to slow down the falling speed and push you back a little.
  • This shotgun fires more pellets than the other shotguns currently ingame.
    • But still deals the least damage of them all, and it is the least accurate.
    • The M1887 and the SPAS-12 fire the same amount of pellets, which is 6.
  • The DB shotgun is the first shotgun to be added to the game.
    • It is the second primary gun to be added after the Rifle.
  • In real life, a Double Barrel Shotgun has a cocking handle. In Dread It doesn't.