A Zombie shooter game always have a lore for itself, If it doesn't, that game looks boring without it. Dread is no exception when it comes to lore and untold stories of different places around the world.



Rest Station - Coastline

These maps are set in Vietnam's current territory but these two locations are in Binh Thuan Province, except for Coastline where stands on an Island outside of vietnam's beaches but it stills share the same province to Rest Station.

To the story of these 2 maps, like campaign said: "You have to call a rescue ship far from the shore of Rest Station" but in reality it takes more than 2-3 minutes to come because the place is surrounded by short nor high mountains after Rescue has arrived, you will arrive in Coastline the 3rd part of the campaign, Rest Station is actually the 2nd part. While in Coastline you need to gather some supply boxes from the town to help you and other survivors.

Coastline's backstory is really dark, the town where it's set is behind a mountain not surrounded by walls. Coastline has a nice and beautiful sandy beach, but unfortunately the town is so far from the mainland so the town's people have some hard time going back and forth and just in 10 days the town is completely abandoned when half of their people wiped out in the apocalypse of The Infected. Another story is that there was a tourist who recently visited this town who had bitten 12 people in a dark alleyway behind an apartment.

Rest Station's history is mild, this place is always full of people and the station is open 24/7 to service tourists who have had a long way and need some place to rest their head for a while, as its popularity rises everyday this place is easily to infect someone, a rumor said that a customer from an infected area in a country bit 49 people near the waterfall on the left side of the station while everyone is enjoying the nature's sound.


Trenches, originally takes place on The Ardennes Forest of two countries which had lots of war in both World War 1 & 2 WIP


Normal Zombie:

The most common infected. Easy to kill, easy to run away from, easy to laugh at, this kind of infected does not show something special.


A infected that can suck blood. In theory, this infected has other diseases in the mix, which causes it to suck blood. Hobos might become like this thing, as the torn and dirty clothing on most bloodsuckers.

Riot Zombie:

A part of the police that has tried and failed to hold off the zombie horde. Somehow, they can hold a shield and even swing a baton, that shows that they are not dead, but infected.

Jetpack Zombie:

A infected, armed with a jetpack. They can fly, which shows that the virus does not make them braindead. However, they even can blow themselves up to kill other survivors! Blowing themselves up just to kill or infect survivors might be the virus effecting the brain to go for it or whatever.


A leader of the Riots, which is infected by the zombie horde. This kind of infected has recieved a lot of training, so they can run faster than survivors, whack survivors on one hit, and take a lot of damage! Fortunately, most Juggernauts are alone.


Survivors Diary

  • "Day 1: "Escaping"

May 20xx

Me and my friends have escaped from the town that is filled with infections. I believe it is called "Coastline", many people have been eaten on the street and many blood was spilled however we managed to get all the supplies we need in order to survive in this hellish life, I feel pity for the poor young child and I will pray for them to be pass on to the next life.

Day 4: "Betrayal"

May 20xx

Some of my friends have betrayed us and join the team to be called "Hunters". There are many members there filled with bloodlust and killing intent, I and my friends are extremely mad and sad at our friends that betrayed us even some of us are crying however we must move on as long as I can tell that we will meet again in the future someday.

Day 8: "Holding the frontline"

May 20xx

A week has passed, we are currently holding the frontline due to many of Riots along Blood Suckers, some of our friend got bitten and we have to end his/her life for he/she doesn't want to be a zombie so we accept his/her request to shoot him in the head. I have been wounded by the baton from riot however I was lucky that I did not get bitten and I got treated immediately.

Day 16: "Finding a new building"

May 20xx

We have travel many kilometers away from the frontline to escape, however along the road we encountered a survivor so we decide to check any bite from that person's body. Fortunately, the survivor hasn't get bitten and it seems the person is holding many bandages along ammunition and so we took him with us to travel. After 5 hours of traveling, we came across a building to be abandonded however it has a billboard right outside of the building due to that we have know the building's name is "Lost Business". We decided to take a week resting in this building, hopefully that none zombies or any friends betrayed us find this place here...

Day 24: "Ambushed"

May 20xx

When all of us are sleeping peacefully, we got ambushed by someone. The person that ambushed us is one of our friend that betrayed all of us, I curse at him because he has changed too much since the day he betrayed all of us. He is now willing to kill all of us because I saw in his eyes filled with killing intent because of that, we have to take cover and running toward the humvee. Some of our friends have had been shot by the members of "Hunters", we will treat it immediately after we have gotten into the humvee and drove away from there.

Day 31: "Came across a parkway"

May 20xx

A month have passed, we have drive away from Lost Business as far as possible hoping that they will never find us again. All of our friends have been treated from the bullet wound however one of our friend did not make it, so we decided to stop and make him a grave although we were all sad for him, praying for him to be passed on to the next life. After burying our friend and traveling many kilometers, our humvee has came to stop due to it no longer have fuel so we decided to walk. After 1 hour of walking, we came across a big tree but the behind it, it is seem to be a parkway building. It doesn't have a name however we are lucky to have an 1 jerry fuel can and a working car, we decided to take over the car and move on but to be sure that there are no infections in the back so we decided to take guard and open the back door, however there are none so we are lucky. Let's keep moving on.

Day 40: "Entering a company"

June 20xx

Some of us are bored so we decided to play in the card just to have fun, it is extremely fun to play though. After hours of playing inside the car, we came across a company with a big sign said "Bread Corp" so for the sake of our foods and drinks, we will enter this company. After entering the company, we encountered an infection but we took it out quickly and in the hallway, it was a hellish scene. If you want to ask how hellish scene it was? Then I will explain in a simple way, the hallway was filled with blood, arms are everywhere, no body have been buried so it is kinda gross to see and worst smell to smell it. However we have come to encountered 2 survivors and it was a mother and a son, unfortunately the mother has been bitten but she resisted it for god-knows many hours just letting her son to be going toward us and begging us to shoot his mother. She smiles at us and her son, for the sake of the son that have protected by the mother and not letting her becoming an infection to eat her own son, she will take the risk just to resist against the virus to protect her son and waiting for hope to arrive. We decided to block the son's egg and open fire on the mother's head. After shooting his mother, the son walking toward his mother's corpse with a face of sadness and yet a face that can be seen in every child's eyes, joyful. When he walks toward us, we thought that he will hate us but he just crying, one of the friend can't take it anymore and decided to took him in, lending him a shoulder just to cry on and telling him to let all of his feeling go out. After the incident of this, we have resupplies our foods and water bottles but we can't find any ammo at all but at least we have saved a child and ended his mother while she hoping for her son to grow up to tell the tales of his mother, for the love of the mother. We took her body and buried it in front of the company and pray for her to be pass on.

  • Day 47: "A campfire"

After 7 days since the Bread Corp incident, we came across a mansion and a building that is to be abandoned so we did not decide to go into the mansion but taking a campfire. After all, isn't it to be the best way to relax nothing but a sweet relaxing campfire when we sing and drink together? Hahahah. So for the name of this campfire, we decided to name it "Watergate" because it has water around the land that we are camping on, so it makes sense right?

Day 55: "Searching for the supplies in a station"

We have been talking, playing, joking for who-knows hours but all in all, it was a joyous journey. 7 hours of this traveling, we came across a station although we do not know it's name but we will call it "Rest Station" because it has 3 parts. A theater, a cafe and a supermarket so we decided to take a stop here and doing our personal stuff. After doing that, we will take a look at supermarket and take everything with us for the supplies that we need, oh and we also take the coffee machine and bag of coffee with us because we like to drink coffee!

Day 61: "Ending the diary"

After 2 months of writing this diary, I have a lot of fun for writing this diary and a lot of tradegic journey but also a fun, joyous journey. I have talk with my friends that I will end my diary's writing here, they all understand what I'm talking about so they agree with it. So that's it huh, I hope in the future that someone can find this diary and knowing the existence of the clan called "Hunters". Now then, let's burry this diary no putting this diary next to a grave, a nature grave with 49 peoples that died. The sound of waterfall and birds chirping, it will be enough for this diary to be after all." - The survivor.

Untold Story

  • Papa Franku is found dead in Rest Station, his body is buried under the collapsed tunnel
  • A story is said that on the right of Rest Station's there is a tunnel which was collapsed right before The Reopening even started. So cars and some vehicles are not to be seen anywhere in this place.
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