Pretty much a riot zombie but wears a red outfit, can one hit kills anyone and has a ton of HP. It is exclusive on the gamemode Juggernaut.


  • Left Mouse Button - The Juggernaut swing its baton (50 DMG). You could swing it once every 2 seconds, however.
  • Shift (Hold) - Sprint with a very high walkspeed of 30(?).



  • Fight this zombie as you would fight a riot zombie, but be more careful.
    • Try to shoot the vulnerable arm to damage them without having to break the shield.
  • Try to avoid engaging a Juggernaut if it is in an enclosed space.
  • You can shoot the shield off as it does not have much extra HP and then shot down the Juggernaut.
  • Using high damaging weapons like the M1887, the AWP and the AK-47 will allow you to kill the Juggernaut at ease.
  • The Glock 18 a good weapon choice to take out the Juggernaut's shield.
  • The Juggernaut's AI wanders around aimlessly. It cant use its abilities either if you are playing alone. Use this to your advantage to kill it faster.


  • You are not invincible, you just have a lot of HP.
  • Try tricking survivors by running away then ambushing them.
  • Use objects around the map to take cover.


  • The Juggernaut is affected by update V1.04 (Christmas update) which give it a Santa hat.
    • It doesn't affect gameplay whatsoever.
  • The Juggernaut's health is lowered in co-op.
    • It increases the more the players are in the server.
  • The Juggernaut uses a very similar zombie model to the Riot Zombie
    • It is indeed the same model, just recolored to red.
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