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Since when did Luton have trees?





After the fall of the original Luton Parkway the survivors found a place that was familiar, but different from the original.

Similar to last time, the survivors went around looking for a working car. Hoping to escape.

However as they did so some of the survivors began to go mad. With some going rouge, the survivors were soon fighting against eachother. Hence, the Gun Game began.


  • Stay alive.


  • This is a remastered version of the original Luton Parkway
    • Unlike the original, this one features more landscape with a bay, trees, houses, and mountains. You can also go outside of the parking lot.
  • The cars in the parking lot will trigger a car alarm when shot at.
    • These are the first to do so.
    • There could be a possible update that makes them "attract" (spawn more) zombies due to the loud alarm.
    • This may be inspired by one of Left 4 Dead's panic event