Made in 1969, this rifle still holds up-to-date as true American glory and a pretty effective way of holding off the zombie horde.

—Patriotic Survivor


With its high firerate, and very good accuracy, the M16A1 is a very good gun, however, it has low ammo and decent damage.


After its long use in the United States, the M16A1 is the best choice for fighting the apocalypse. After its recent modification from a manufacturer named "Nooby", it now fires full-auto, making it more deadlier.


  • This is more accurate than the AK-47 and the RPK, use it to your advantage.
    • This allows you to use this gun at long ranges.
  • This weapon has a high rate of fire, use this to kill zombies quickly, and shred tank-y zombies like the Riot Zombie.
    • Keep in mind that the faster the firerate, the faster your ammo drains.
    • Aim for the head to both conserve ammo and kill zombies faster.


  • This weapon used to be burst-shot, and this was only in the beta version of Dread.
  • This weapon was in the service of the United States for ages until better versions of the M16s came.
    • It was used during the Vietnam War as well.