An American Classic



The M1887 is a lever-action shotgun. It reloads one shell at a time and has decent accuracy.

It's best used in short-to-mid range and somewhat decent for mid-to-long range shooting.


The Winchbloxer Model 1887 (M1887) was the first successful repeating shotgun, produced by the Winchbloxer Repeating Arms company, in the late 19th century, and early 20th century (Model 1901). It was originally suggested by John Doe that it should be a repeating shotgun, but Winchbloxer chose the lever-action because they were known for being a lever-action company. The M1887 was designed and chambered to be significantly better,while reducing recoil, than other shotguns released during the time.


  • The reloading animation can be interrupted, so use this to your advantage.
    • You can shoot while reloading, but you cannot ADS.
      • Switch quickly to your secondary, then back to the M1887 to interrupt the reloading and shoot while ADS.
  • This weapon is semi-usable on range.
    • While ADS, try standing still.


  • The third shotgun to be added to the game, with the first & second being the Double-barreled Shotgun and the Spas-12.
  • This gun may or may not be better than Spas-12.
    • The M1887 fires overall faster, and is more accurate while using ADS and standing still than the Spas-12.
    • The Spas-12 still has the damage and range advantage over the M1887.
  • This gun fires less pellets than the Double-barreled Shotgun, which is the same amount of the Spas-12, that fires 6 pellets.