About the same walk-speed as a survivor, there is nothing very special about this zombie. They can still surprise you if you are not careful.


  • Left Mouse Button (LMB) - Attack (15 Damage)



  • If you are fighting a group of zombies you should focus on eliminating bloodsuckers first, followed by riot police zombies and leaving the normal zombies for last.
    • Bloodsuckers can kill you the fastest so they are first
    • If you run out of your ammo in your primary you can use your secondary to finish off the normal zombies and any riot zombies that are left.
      • Riot zombies and normal zombies are both easy to run away from if you are completely out of ammo.
  • Shotguns and assault rifles are my weapons of choice for normal zombies but any gun does the trick.
  • These zombies are most dangerous in Hardcore
    • the other zombies are still more dangerous except for arguably the riot police zombie as it has a slower walkspeed.


  • Try to use obstacles such as cars and trees to your advantage when engaging survivors
    • It will be harder for survivors to shoot you if you are often behind cover
  • If you are near a bloodsucker you can try to help them get closer to a survivor by being an undead shield or distracting the survivor.
    • this works better if you are a Riot Police Zombie zombie because you have a shield that can take 350 damage
    • Don't go too close to the bloodsucker because bullets penetrate and you could just be saving the survivors ammo
  • Trying to ambush survivors by waiting in doorways or behind obstacles can help you damage survivors
    • This works better if you are a bloodsucker as you can deal damage faster.