Welcome to Paytown, Philadelphia

—BlameItOnElijah and mattgrant


This town has been abandoned for 4 years located (Unknown)

With 6 buildings and a cinema making the map very small, the survivors spawn in a small island across the town, there is a bridge that you can use to cross over.


When the apocalypse started a group of survivors camping in the jungle found a small town located opposite to them, they didn't know that it also had zombies. Some survivors have died or went missing while trying to survive in that town.

No matter how beautiful a small town can be, the apocalypse doesn't care.


  • Camping on the roofs can be a good spot to camp on and survive.
    • There is only 2 ammo boxes, one on top, and one in the alleyway.
    • Keep in mind that there is 2 zombie spawn near-by.
  • Most zombie spawns are in the town, so camping across the bridge is one way to survive.
    • There is 2 ammo boxes spotted in the corners of the road connecting player spawn and the bridge.
    • Keep in mind that there is 3 zombies spawns near-by, one in the middle of the bridge, and others in the road.
  • A.I zombies struggle to cross the bridge, use this to your advantage to holdout in the other side and survive.
    • They also will fall into the water too.
  • Bringing a long range weapon like the AWP and M1 Garand will allow you to easilly shot down zombies from across the town, and from the small spawn island.
  • The Riot Zombie gives the zombie team a chance to push over the other side of the bridge, in case the survivors are camping there.


  • Unlike Coastline, the glass in this map is not breakable.
  • The water will insta-kill any zombie or survivor upon touch.
    • This can be helpful when on Outbreak to help lower the spawn meter.
  • There is few easter eggs hidden all around the map.
  • The 1st map to have rain.
  • The second map to be taking place at night.