Jimmy, whatever you do. Don't open the flood gate. You got that Jimmy? NO JIMMY, I SAID DON'T! ARE YOU DEAF?!



A large open swamp with small islands, there is a tent on one of the islands that has an ammo box in it. On the mainland there is a house that has 2 ammo boxes in it. next to the house there are 2 piles of logs, one of the log piles has an ammo box on it. On the opposite side of the map there is a small building that has an ammo station in it that has a transport truck and a smaller car.


The military escorted the survivors here out of that truck.

Well, they didn't realize that zombies still lurk around swamp areas. And even worse, they can swim!

With the military dead, its time to prove that they are the true forces of death!


  • If you have a sniper rifle like the AWP or the M1 Garand, it's recommended to bring it due to the open space on this map.
  • The Riot zombie is very effective on this map because of its black outfit, making it hard to spot.
  • You can get up to one of the house's roofs.
    • Keep in mind that there are 2 zombie spawn points near-by.
  • The ammo boxes are spread around the map, keep moving to avoid getting swarmed without any ammo.


  • The first map to have none-killing water.
  • The firepit in the middle of the map does not harm zombies or survivors.
  • The water does not block the player's shots, nor zombie attacks.
  • The second map to have night time.
  • One out of the many maps with breakable glass and doors.
  • The vehicles do not trigger a car alarm when shot at, unlike Luton Parkway Remastered